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My 90 Day Challenge

My 90 Day Challenge & Guarantee

I have learned you can create an entirely new body in seven years!

Not ready to commit for seven years?  How about 90 days?

Univera offers a  90 DAY GUARANTEE ON ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS! This is the financial promise to you that gives a full 90 DAYS to feel and measure how these products deliver for your mind & body.

What I ask, take the 90 DAY CHALLENGE…
Find out how good you can feel at any age!

Start Your 5 Min Health Assessment!

After that, if you decide not to continue for any reason please send the empty (or full) bottles back within 90 days and as a customer you will receive a 100% refund of the purchase price.  This is not something that many nutritional companies will do for a day, let alone for 90 DAYS.  Univera offers this because the products work!  After three decades of the world’s leading scientific discoveries, extreme diligence and unmatched efficacy –and after thousands and thousands of people reporting positive results they can see, feel and measure, I know you will experience results. Results unlike anything you have seen or tried before. These products are unmatched in the natural product industry, but don’t take my word for it….

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Take the First Step Toward Your Health

This part is my challenge and guarantee as a person… from me to you. My personal guarantee is that I will be there to support you, answer your questions, coach, or inspire you. Whatever your goals are and whatever pace you choose to set… it is my guarantee to be there for that. MY PERSONAL INVITATION is for you to take on the 90 DAY CHALLENGE. Take the first step below. It’s a small one but every day we will improve a little bit… and that’s all it takes to make a huge impact long term!

Please take our 5 minute health assessment so you and I can set a baseline. From here we will set goals, moving you toward the positive change that will be most impactful for your health and well-being.