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Don't let your mindset or health hold you back anymore!
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Are You Ready to Change Your Well-Being and Financial Life Now?

Support – Connection – Growth

It is my pleasure introduce you to a new way of creating a business. We are innovating by going back to the basics of life….CONNECTION! Through an innovative and organic training process we will work together, in a community of support, to create a business which will evolve from YOUR PERSONAL WHY. What have been your biggest challenges in life? We will reach deep and use those things that you thought were limitations as motivation… and then inspiration to those around you!

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Andrew Parsons
Owner @ YWM
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A Message From Me to You

Why Does My System Work?


What Makes It Different?

Integration – This works because I have integrated an online training platform that fits into your life… not the other way around. If you are like most people, you have a lot of other things going on in your life. While using this platform you will have the flexibility to have a fun and creative business which integrates between your current obligations.

Innovation – You will be provided with best tools available to create a thriving business in TODAY’s world. These tools will allow you to reach people online and stay connected. You will learn how to connect deeply and be creative by creating content that reaches out to the people you connect to most in this world. Learning to speak from your heart about your “why” will give you purpose and confidence when speaking to people. Cutting edge landing pages, lead capture and customer management systems will then help you stay connected and keep your relationships healthy.

We Will Use Univera as Our Vehicle

Your why and speaking from the heart is what this business revolves around, but we need a partner in our journey. A partner that has the same integrity as a business that we do as people. No matter what we or anyone around us has faced in life…at the center of it all is balance and a foundation of health. This is how I know I can help you create a powerful business and connect it with Univera as the vehicle for financial freedom.

A Word From The Owner of Univera

Bill Lee is running this company as a legacy to his father. His goal is to bring the best of nature to mankind and you can here from this humble man in the video below.


Your First 30 Days are Free

You are here because I want to partner with you. I want to be a part of you creating a fun and inspiring life…a life of freedom. But first I want you to understand that THIS SYSTEM has REAL VALUE before you put your hard earned dollars at risk. I want you to understand that this has the ability to change how you look at business. You can learn to speak from your passions instead of products…you can learn to grow a tribe instead of a prospect list.


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