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Kannaway and the You’re Worth More Team is a one-of-a-kind online partnership that works together in innovative ways to help you grow your business!

We will…

UTILIZE an amazing company that has lead the way in CBD research and development
Team-up to integrate POWERFUL ONLINE strategies that old network marketing companies are unaware of
• Connect our businesses to the product and market of THE FUTURE
• Recognize THE END OF AN ERA, the end of hemp prohibition means this is an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime!!


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Are you a network marketer or entrepreneur who has been looking for the opportunity of a lifetime?


Why CBD?

Are you tired of explaining old products to people who aren’t interested?


CBD is sweeping the world and people are being educated by the thousands of articles and news pieces…


This is causing a self-educated public that can’t wait to buy products from you.


No more overexplaining & running out of customers!


Hemp was made illegal for ridiculous reasons and people’s bodies are starved of the vital nutrients that these beautiful plants contain.

Why Kannaway?

To put it simply…

? Kannaway is 1st Cannabis Company To enter into the Direct Selling Industry.

? They weren’t a water or supplement company that went into the CBD business. We were a CBD company that went into the Direct Selling Industry.

? RSHO (the parent company) is being written as prescriptions in 11 countries for 13 indications. None of the others are.

? RSHO has played a role in changing the federal laws in 3 countries. None of the others have changed laws. We have!

? Kannaway has clinical trials on our weakest product (RSHO-X) which had an 86% reduction in seizures in the test group. None of the others have clinical trials just hype and hot air.

? Their Executives were asked to speak to the World Health Organization. No other Cannabis company was invited.

? RSHO was featured on the Doctors T.V.. None of the others were considered.

?Kannalife Sciences was just featured on Dateline as we have the licensing rights to patent 507 (google it) to help with the treatment of strokes and concussions. Currently working with several NFL football players who suffered with CTE!!

? You can earn up to 4.4 Million shares of stock in the parent company which is the first publicly traded cannabis company.

? Kannaway has a non profit set up to assist people financially who rely on Cannabinoids that can’t afford it and it gives them FREE PRODUCT!

?Simply put Kannaway created the Legal CBD Hemp industry. It didn’t exist before they started it. They blazed the trail that others now follow in!!

?Kannaway is one of the very few companies that are FEDERALLY legal in all 50 states as we harvest from the mature stalk of hemp internationally.


 It’s time to bring about the right change to the world we live in! CBD is trending because it is a big piece to the health revolution we are currently in!

Why CBD is Vital to Our Health!

If a picture is worth a thousand words then hopefully,
these videos will give you a good feel for who Kannaway is,
why we joined this company, and why we want to partner with you.

A Company Leading the Way

A Company that Cares

“We get cases of children who are written off by the medical establishment all the time,

and we get to see them develop into a human being that has a life… you can’t ask for more.”

– Doctor Kathleen Smith

"For us it was one of those rare opportunities where the world is waking up to something great, and we want to be part of that wave."

Are Your Business’ Products Getting this Kind of Press?

(How would it change your business if your products were known to change lives by each person you talk to?)

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