This Book is the First Step Towards Changing Your Life

Those of us who feel the challenges of dealing with mental stress each day know that finding peace of mind and becoming an adventurous person can seem a long way off. But what if they weren’t a long way off? What if they were just around the corner and all you need is to return to some simple concepts. How to Hack Anxiety is a back to the basics jumpstart down a path that brings strength back to you. Living in a world of fear is not necessary, it is simply something that the modern world trains into us because it sells. If the answer is always something outside you then you have to keep buying things. This is how most of our economy runs… especially the medical system! This guidebook is the start of the return, the return to your strength, the return to you understanding how powerful you are and now it is time to STOP FEELING THIS WAY!

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A Personal Message From Andrew

Check out my book because I did not learn from one!

Let's Get Started

Don’t waste time living in fear and pain! You don’t need to feel this way!!


Why is This Book is So Important?

  • Learn why you feel the way you do… get to the heart of the problem
  • Discover the skills you need to take your mindset back
  • Become strong again by taking back control… this is your life!


Here are some people who have benefited from working with Andrew and they started with this book.

"After losing pretty much everything in my life including myself this past year, due to panic disorder, OCD, agoraphobia and hypochondria, I experimented with a lot of things that helped, some that didn't help. But that experimenting lead me to a great guy, Andrew Parsons, who guided me to a clearer and more leveled mind. I have been in contact with him for a few months now, and I can honestly say that he is a great help, due to having his own experiences with anxiety. I am now more level minded and educated in what anxiety really is and how I can get back to a healthier, happier and anxiety free life. Andrew has connected with me, leveled with me, and understood exactly where I was coming from in our talks, making me feel more at ease and confident with taking on the days ahead.


~ Mike

"Andrew Parsons and I crossed paths by chance a few more months ago. I came across a video by him doing a cbd oil review. I left him a message inquiring about the item. He contacted me back within a day. I thought, "here comes another internet salesman! "When we spoke , he didn't try to sell me anything, nor even speak about the product. He wanted to know how I was doing. He just talked to me, a complete stranger reached out across the country.. from there we spoke a few times, I appreciate Andrew taking time out of his day, he has a family he's taken time from. But, in our talks, he helped guide me through medication and supplement choices, advice on how to change faulty thinking and a negative belief systems. He taught me how to hold a positive image of oneself and bring it into existence. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear, Andrew Parsons has been a tremendous help with my battle with depression and anxiety. He had been a true mentor to myself. I'm glad our paths have crossed."

~ James Pisano