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You’re Worth More Coaching is a one-of-a-kind online transformative course that teaches you how to take your life back, overcome fear, and realize the powerful person you are!

We will…

UNDERSTAND Why you feel the way you do to overcome the fear
LET GO of the fearful future you have connected yourself to
• Connect to YOUR FUTURE… the future you actually want
UTILIZE the best natural tools to physically and mentally thrive


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Starting something new that has the ability to change your life into an adventure.

It’s exhilarating





What is the most deceptive and easiest thing that traps us in the place we don’t want to be?  Comfort!  When we become comfortable feeling like shit all of the time… this usually means that we are so familiar with fear that taking a risk, just because it is a change, may make us even more fearful. Since change brought us to where we are today, we must now fear all change and stay where we are… because the next change could be even worse.


…is this actually true?  Absolutely not!!  This is letting fear create the narrative in our lives and it is time to take our lives back.  


If there is one thing I know, it’s that coping and living in fear is actually anything but comfortable.  It is pain, it is hard and it is draining.


But it’s time to bring about the right change! 

What Others Have Said


"FullSizeRender Andrew's encouragement and advice has been like a jump start for my life again. For years I was stuck in an unhealthy mental state feeling trapped into the same cycles. Andrew has helped me create a vision for my future and let go of the unnecessary feelings in my life."

Adam Ross

"FullSizeRenderAndrew Parsons and I crossed paths by chance a few more months ago. I came across a video by him doing a cbd oil review. I left him a message inquiring about the item. He contacted me back within a day. I thought, "here comes another internet salesman! "When we spoke , he didn't try to sell me anything, nor even speak about the product. He wanted to know how I was doing. He just talked to me, a complete stranger reached out across the country.. from there we spoke a few times, I appreciate Andrew taking time out of his day, he has a family he's taken time from. But, in our talks, he helped guide me through medication and supplement choices, advice on how to change faulty thinking and a negative belief systems. He taught me how to hold a positive image of oneself and bring it into existence. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear, Andrew Parsons has been a tremendous help with my battle with depression and anxiety. He had been a true mentor to myself. I'm glad our paths have crossed."

James Pisano

" FullSizeRenderAfter losing pretty much everything in my life including myself this past year, due to panic disorder, ocd, agoraphobia and hypochondria, i experimented with a lot of things that helped, some that didnt help. But that experimenting lead me to a great guy, Andrew Parsons, who guided me to a clearer and more leveled mind. I have been in contact with him for a few months now, and i can honestly say that he is a great help, due to having his own experiences with anxiety. I am now more level minded and educated in what anxiety really is and how i can get back to a healthier, happier and anxiety free life. Andrew has connected with me, leveled with me, and understood exactly where i was coming from in our talks, making me feel more at ease and confident with taking on the days ahead."

Mike Foley

Here’s the lowdown on what members get…

Entrance into the private You’re Worth More Facebook group – where we stay connected, grow together and share different things that help us get to where we want to be.

A Premium CBD Product–  to help you let go of trauma and mental stress. CBD is a cannabinoid from hemp plants that has no psychoactive properties (it does not get you high). This oil has a profound effect on helping the body and mind let go of mental stress by working through the endocannabinoid system within our bodies. This endocannabinoid system is responsible for homeostasis within our bodies. No wonder why we get out of balance when cannabinoids are not present in our diet! Please Google the Endocannabinoid System if you have not heard of it. It is not something often taught to us. This product is of great value to those of us who need healing, balance, and to let go!!    

 One on one live training sessions with me – to personally get to know you and make sure you are grasping/immersing yourself in the concepts we go over in the course. I do not want this to just be some impersonal class you take and move on. It is my life’s goal to help you out of the mindset you are in…  to do this we need to stay connected and work together! This one on one work, while doing the online lessons, is what makes this course truly unique and more powerful than anything else out there. I honestly can’t wait to meet you. 

 Lastly and most importantly  the You’re Worth More course lessons are my most important and impactful life’s work to date. I am not doing this because I read a book somewhere about anxiety and I thought I could be helpful. I created this because I know the pain & lasting purgatory that mental stress can be. Over the past decade, I have suffered, had epiphanies, struggled, felt clarity, wasted money, made good investments, wept uncontrollably and felt joy…  But I came through it and I did it in a natural way. A self-empowering way. Today I have a life I love and enjoy. My passion has become to pass on what I have learned so you spend as little time in a state of mental stress as possible. This class is as real as it gets and you will not hear the repetitive and limiting crap you have heard in the past. Through this course, you will conquer fear, create a new mindset, realize you are powerful and in control. Fear will no longer control your decisions. Let’s do this together and take your life back!


**IMPORTANT NOTE** This course is self-paced. You do not need to show up at a specific time. You do the lessons when they fit into your life/schedule. 



And all for one flat monthly fee…

no BS

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Why Choose This Course?

“Can I afford it?”

I created this course because I wanted to create a TON of value at a price point that at the end of the day makes sense to anyone. 


I can not speak for everyone but most of us are looking for a natural way to create a sustainable and long-term solution to an enjoyable life. A drug-free life! So if I can incorporate the worlds best natural product into this course as a source of payment rather than charging for a membership fee, live coaching fee and you have to buy products… I want to do that.


The goal is to have as little impact on your monthly budget as possible. Since most of us try different natural products and some of us are working to get off of drugs… then switching or introducing the product that is going to have the best effect on mental stress will be an easy and affordable transition for you.


Just to put this into perspective: many coaches charge A TON for live hourly sessions. They charge HUNDREDS A MONTH for their coaching classes and they ALSO sell products. I am including all of these offers into an all in one package for the price of something you were likely going to buy already… the best natural product that will make a real long-term difference. You buy CBD and you get coaching and a course on how to overcome anxiety/depression for FREE! You will never find a deal like this anywhere else!!! Especially from someone who cares and has been through your same challenges.

If you don’t take action to change your life then you are making the choice to live in fear.

“Will this work for me?”


That depends…


Do you intend to become a member, never log in, never do the training or implement the strategies? Because if that’s your approach, it most certainly will NOT work. (To be frank — don’t waste your time or money.)

However, if you are ready for change, if you are DONE feeling the way you do, if you are ready to take small steps each day, and if you are ready to keep your intent and openness to grow… then you are in the right place at the right time!


It depends on how YOU show up.

"It's amazing how small changes in your beliefs can reshape your reality!"