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A Ketogenic Diet for Anxiety & Mental Stress

Can a Ketogenic diet help us regulate our mental state? When we have anxiety and mental stress it is because we have forgotten our foundation. We forgot our baseline so instead of always settling back into a good place we are constantly in flux… going up and down… highs and lows. Something I am exploring right now is a Ketogenic Diet. So far the mental benefits have been great. It has given me more stable energy throughout my day which has resulted in more control over my thoughts and how I feel. This diet gets your body into a state that burns fat instead of sugar. This results in your body creating ketones. When the body is burning sugar for fuel there are constant ups and downs… insulin spikes and valleys, and often our thought processes follow these patterns. The consistent burning of fats has an awesome effect on your brain and mood. This diet also has a huge effect on your hormones, aka… the things that run your body/brain, keep you healthy and also feeling strong.