WELCOME to You’re Worth More! You are worth more than the traditional systems in place today that hold us all back from being as happy, peaceful and healthy as you can be.

 My Life’s Challenge…

“Mental stress has challenged my life. Doctors have thrown all kinds of terms at me. But today I believe if we get away from scary terms, fearful beliefs, unnatural drugs and join together in a community where we can all learn from one another…. anything is possible!”      

                              -Andrew Parsons, Owner @ You’re Worth More

Take the First Step Toward Your Health

This part is my challenge and guarantee as a person… from me to you. My personal guarantee is that I will be there to support you, answer your questions, coach, or inspire you. Whatever your goals are and whatever pace you choose to set… it is my guarantee to be there for that. MY PERSONAL INVITATION if for you to take Vitality AQ today. Take the first step below. It’s a small one but every day we will improve a little bit… and that’s all it takes to make a huge impact long term!

Please take the 5 minute health assessment BELOW so you and I can set a baseline. From here we will set goals, moving you toward the positive change that will be most impactful for your health and well being.  I look forward to learning more about who YOU are and your challenges!