The Gift

Mental stress has challenged my life. Doctors have thrown all kinds of terms at me. But today I believe there is no one perfect thing anyone can do to wash away all stress…mental or physical. But we can seek out the best tools to help us feel supported, hopeful and energized. The nutrients Univera has created have helped me become the more peaceful minded and loving person I want to be.”

– Andrew Parsons


Every company starts with the owner’s “why”, their morals, and their intent. Univera is not a profit machine cutting corners at every available opportunity to inch up a percentage for themselves or their shareholders. You see, Univera is extremely unique. The owner doesn’t take a penny of profit from Univera. He (Bill Lee) runs this company as a legacy to his father because Univera was his dream. Univera’s mission is to bring the best of nature to human kind

Bill’s father had a wonderful recovery from a terminal ailment. He accredited this recovery to the healing power of plants. So if you are running a company to actually help people and your heart is in the right place… this creates something rare but beautiful. That being said, none of that matters when we live in a world made of money. If you have the best of intentions in this world, but not a dollar to explore and research the natural world, it would be hard to create something impactful. Thankfully, Yunho Lee(Bill’s father) was very wealthy. When Yunho realized that money was meaningless without health his entire world changed. It became about showing others the path that impacted his life in such a wonderful way. A path paved by natures healing ability.

Today, most of the medical world is dedicated to chemical/drug companies.  Mr. Lee saw this first hand and knew he had the resources to do something about it. Yunho started collecting and growing growing as many plants as he could. Univera currently has the world’s largest medicinal plant library and an extremely talented team to run two of the worlds most advanced medicinal plant studies laboratories. These advanced labs are dedicated to understanding and bringing natures healing power to us.

You see, their is a trifecta of extremely unique things that make this company so rare-

Funding – Unlimited Funding

Research & Technology – Second to none!

Heart & Soul – How many companies with goals like this are ran to truly help others instead of themselves… and prove it by taking profit out of the equation?

Since I started learning about this beautiful company I have felt that it is a part of me. Univera aligns perfectly with  my values which compelled me to form a partnership.

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