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The Many Benefits of Long Term Fasting

I once heard a quote that one thing Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad all agreed on was that the benefits of fasting were great. But do not make the mistake of thinking fasting is just a silly religious belief. There is a built in DNA enhancing mechanism that seems to have been forgotten about or maybe left behind as woo woo by the “modern medicine” practiced today. But new research is finding it as anything but woo woo. Studies are showing it has impressive effects on cancer, heart disease, hormones, mental stress, arthritis and many other things. The mental and physical regenerative effects can be very renewing for the spirit of those of us who feel trapped by the modern age of pills and doctors. A healing mechanism that comes from within is very exciting and self empowering!

This great documentary shows doctors and patients speaking to and directly benefiting from the benefits of long-term fasting, both mentally and physically.